New high-tech crossbow technology

In ancient Greece, since the 5th century, a precursor of the crossbow, the Gastraphetes was developed. In the Lower Rhine, archaeologists found in a gravel pit metal remains of a Roman torso with a crossbow bolt, from the time of the birth of Christ. Remnants of similar weapons have already been discovered in Spain and […]

hunting wolf

EU upholds prohibition on hunting wolves

Despite the increasing spread of wolves in Germany and Europe, the European Commission does not want to change the special status of protection of the predator. Wolves are still considered an endangered species in the rest of the European Union.  A targeted hunting of the animals for depletion of inventory is therefore prohibited. The EU […]

Tiger Woods making a comeback!

Golf legend and superstar Tiger Woods is looking forward to his comeback after a ten-month break. The 41-year-old American will tee off this week at the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas for the first time. The sports world has celebrated the long-awaited comeback of golf star Tiger Woods. Wood’s performance Woods had a good […]


Journalism Career Information and Job Duties

Journalism is the art of presenting facts in an honest and unbiased manner to the people. Careers in journalism include reporter, copywriter, news anchor, columnist or even a video journalist. Whether you are working for print, television or online media, the duties are the same. Journalist Job Description: Depending on your role, you may be […]

Robert Fisk

Top 5 Journalists in the World

In the Modern digital world, instantaneous availability of information and citizen reporting raises serious questions about the relevance of journalists. But even today quality journalism exists, and several journalists continue to show the world why quality matters over quantity. Here are five such journalists who make a difference. Robert Fisk: Fisk is a British journalist […]