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A2Politico believes that free expression promotes more open and more tolerant societies. We actively encourage discussion with an exciting series of events annually to help individuals better understand the significance of free speech.


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A2Politico is a nonprofit that campaigns for and defend free expression worldwide. We publish work by A2Politico writers and artists, encourage debate, and monitor risks to free speech.We believe that everyone ought to be free to express themselves without fear of harm or persecution -- no matter what their views.


A2Politico recommends for changes in legislation and policy to make sure authorities and businesses respect our basic right to free speech. We aim to target countries and issues which are under-represented, and where we believe our intervention can make a significant impact.

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Journalism Career Information and Job Duties

Journalism is the art of presenting facts in an honest and unbiased manner to the people. Careers in journalism include reporter, copywriter, news anchor, columnist or even a video journalist. Whether you are working for print, television or online media, the duties are the same.


Journalist Job Description:

Depending on your role, you may be gathering the facts by interviewing people on a variety of subjects, or you may be writing copy for a publication or a television station. Journalists more often than not, are expected to work long hours. The ability to interact with people and cultivate sources is an asset. Journalists will be interacting with people, officials, and sources to build a story. Accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines are must for journalists. A journalist must have the ability to collect and compile facts. Journalists also attend events and news conferences. Verifying facts and statements is another important duty of journalists. Broadcast journalists are required to present the news live from locations. Depending on the nature of the job travel may be an essential part of the job description

Skills required of a journalist:

Time is of the essence in presenting news, and a journalist must be able to meet deadlines without missing accuracy. Good communication skills both oral and written, is necessary as the primary job of a journalist is communicating information. A general understanding of the happenings around you and a curiosity about what is happening is essential. The ability to look at the obvious and draw conclusions and the ability to come up with news stories is a definite plus. Multitasking and the ability to work independently or as a part of a team is also required. Familiarity with photography and videography equipment and editing skills are fast becoming a necessary qualification for journalists. Perseverance in following a lead to the end and an eye for detail are required. Several media houses have started insisting on a degree in journalism from aspiring journalists and some even several years of experience in the field.
The emerging online media requires additional skills for journalists to succeed. Grasp of online media and a keen understanding of social media is essential to achieve success. Knowledge of online production and web production programmes like HTML is required.

Employment opportunities in Journalism:

There are ample employment opportunities for a skilled journalist. Newspapers, Television stations, websites, magazines, radio stations all provide opportunities for journalists in various capacities such as a reporter or an editor. Freelance journalism opportunities are also available, but to sustain you may need to have contacts in the industry. There is ample scope for growth with a structured career path.

How to become a Journalist:

If you want to become a journalist, you should consider enrolling in a Bachelor’s Degree program. This will provide a solid foundation and impart essential skills like writing and editing. Enrol for internships to get a hands-on feel and gather invaluable experience. Build your contacts and hone your skills. With the acquired skills you can easily convince editors to hire you.

Top 5 Journalists in the World

In the Modern digital world, instantaneous availability of information and citizen reporting raises serious questions about the relevance of journalists. But even today quality journalism exists, and several journalists continue to show the world why quality matters over quantity. Here are five such journalists who make a difference.

Christiane Amanpour

Robert Fisk:

Fisk is a British journalist who is Independent’s correspondent for the Middle East. He holds the distinction of having interviewed Osama bin Laden thrice. He is known for his fearlessness in reporting events. Robert Fisk has covered the Persian Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan and the Iraq war. He has written best-selling books on the Middle East, including Pity the Nation and The Great War for Civilisation. He has received several awards, including the British Press Awards International Journalist of the Year. Robert Fisk holds more British and international journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent.

Kate Adie:

Kathryn “Kate” Adie is a British journalist who currently presents ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ on BBC Radio 4. She is known for her stint as the Chief News correspondent of BBC News and her coverage from several war fronts. Kate Adie received the Officer of the Order of the British Empire award for excellence in journalism. She reported live the London Iranian Embassy siege, crouching behind a car door amid chaos and confusion. Kate Adie is also a best-selling author of several books including her autobiography The Kindness of Strangers

Christiane Amanpour:

Amanpour is currently the global affairs anchor for ABC News in the United States as well as the Chief International Correspondent for CNN International. She also hosts Amanpour- CNNs interview program. Christiane Amanpour began her career as an entry-level assistant and worked her way up to the international desk. She has interviewed several top leaders including Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Ghadafi. She has received several awards including nine News and Documentary Emmys. Amanpour also serves as a board member of the Committee to Protect Journalists and the International Women’s Media Foundation.

Hu Shuli:

Hu Shuli is a Chinese journalist who is currently the editor-in-chief of the media group, Caixin Media which she founded in 2009. She is considered the best reporter in China, which has several restrictions on the Media. Shuli had also been chief reporter and international editor of China Business Times before founding Caijing, business and finance magazine which she was also editor-in-chief of for 11 years. She has been named one among the most powerful women in the world by Forbes and as one among the most influential people in the world by Time. She is known for her investigative journalism on fraud and corruption.

Bob Woodward:

American Robert Upshur “Bob” Woodward is well-known for exposing the Watergate scandal during President Nixon’s tenure. Woodward uncovered much of the scandal with colleague Carl Bernstein while working as an investigative reporter at the Washington Post in 1972. The expose was instrumental in Nixon’s resignation. Woodward is currently the associate editor of the Post. He has written and released several books. Woodward and Bernstein’s reporting on Watergate landed the Pulitzer prize for public service to the Post. His contributions towards coverage of the 9/11 attacks also won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2002.


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